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Who we are

fos.design is a team consisting of artists, designers and engineers. We are looking for challenges in each of our works. We design using modern technology, creating bold ideas with full awareness of the production processes.

How we do

in each implementation of fos.design, we try to understand the nature of light, space, and emotions and represent it using our technology. Installations built by us, especially those using light, arouse emotions and affect the senses of viewers.

What we do

we specialize in creating engaging installations based on LED technology. We are the first choice for anyone looking for creative lighting decoration in harmony with architecture and technical partner to make even the most revolutionary ideas 


Why Choose Us


We have hundreds of implementations in our portfolio. For small, local customers and large global brands. We provided solutions for the most known music festivals, fairs and events.


We use our experience to create thoughtful products based on the best available components. Each of them is subject to detailed analysis and verification.

Modular system

Our products form a well-thought-out and complete system. Individual components can operate independently, but also create complex installations. You decide what you want to create.

Dedicated Support

Our team of designers and engineers provides technical support both during and after the purchase process. You can count on our support.

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